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J'adore le pain et j'adore faire le pain... donc voici ma première recette de pâte levée : des hallots (pain juif de Shabbat), dont le singulier est halla ou challah.

J'ai choisi cette recette, même si je préfère les recettes traditionnelles, car le pain obtenu est beaucoup plus léger et se conserve plus longtemps. J'ai fait les miennes à la main (de A à Z) et elles étaient quand même assez réussies !

Voici le lien pour la recette : http://naomiecook.com/2013/03/01/pain-maison-hallot/ 

Note :

- si vous ne finissez pas le pain avant qu'il ne devienne rassis, vous pouvez en faire du pain perdu au lieu de le jeter !


I love bread and I love making bread... so here is my first baking recipe : hallots (Jewish bread for Shabbat), the singular is halla or challah.

I chose this recipe, although I prefer traditional recipes, because it makes a lighter bread that you can keep longer. I made mine by hand (entirely) and they still turned out pretty nice ! 

The recipe is from Naomi Cook, and as it is in French, I will translate it here for you !

For : 2 medium hallots

Preparation : 20 minutes + 2-2h30 raising time
Cook time : 25 minutes
Difficulty : easy to medium if you are kneading by hand

Ingredients :

1kg flour
42g fresh yeast
8g baking powder
2 eggs, optional, for a richer version
1 egg yolk, for the egg wash
65ml sugar or honey
65ml oil
1 tbsp salt
warm water
1. Put all the ingredients except the salt in a mixing bowl, if making the hallot by hand, or in the mixing bowl of your Kenwood or your other appliance. Mix. 
2. While it is or you are mixing the ingredients, add the warm water little by little and increase the speed of your mixer or, if doing this by hand, keep mixing.
3. Once a dough forms, add the salt and add a little bit more water, while still mixing. The texture of the dough should be sticky, almost dripping.
4. Sprinkle some (a lot more than a pinch, be generous !) flour over the ball of dough and cover with plastic film or a clean fabric.
5. Let it rise for 1h to 1h30.
6. Shape your hallot (see notes) and place them on a lined baking tray. 

Let them rise once more, this time for 30 minutes.

7. Brush the hallot with a mix of egg yolk and a little bit of water. This step is optional but it really gives you the authentic look !
8. Place in the preheated oven at 180° and cook for approximately 25 minutes. The hallot are ready when they have a nice golden brown colour and, when you knock on the bottom of the bread, it makes a hollow sound.
9. Cover with a cloth or towel to keep the hallot soft and enjoy !
Notes :

- for the shaping, you can do it however you wish. The traditional way is braiding with 6 strands, here is a video showing the method : http://naomiecook.com/2013/03/14/tresse-6-brins/
The video is in French but the movements are extremely clear !

- if you do not finish the bread before it becomes stale, you could turn it into some delicious French toast 

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